Unique wardrobe designs

Declutter your home with fitted wardrobes and cabinets by KitchenHaus. We specialise in home renovations, new builds and fitout projects that will help clear space in your home. Contact us today and discuss your wardrobe design requirements.

An organised living area

KitchenHaus imports some of the finest furniture, cabinetry and storage solutions from Europe. Whether you’re after a custom-built wardrobe, TV unit, buffet, sideboard, entrance hall furnishing or other storage solution, our quality, customised furniture is second to none.

If your living room is the entertainment hub of your home, installing a long, low storage cabinet along the wall can be an efficient use of space. The top of the cabinet is used as a place for the TV, while the control boxes and cables are hidden inside. There is plenty of additional storage in the cabinet as well, which will give the room a clean, uncluttered look.

Benefit from effective wardrobe systems

A modernised home is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Whether it’s a small or large home, a wardrobe organiser can help you keep your home clutter-free.

Which wardrobe designs should you choose?

From walk-in wardrobes to standalone cupboard storage, you have plenty of design options to select. KitchenHaus takes the personal approach, and designs custom storage solutions to suit your style and requirements. Uncertain about the design to go for? We’ll assist with the following:

  • Design

Furniture design has evolved and now includes creative elements and on-trend colour schemes. You’ll be forgiven for crawling down the rabbit hole of design, but stay on course and remember to select a design that matches the other furniture in your home.

  • Size

The size will depend on how many people will be using it and what you intend on storing. If it needs to accommodate all family members, then we’ll help design and custom build a large wardrobe for you.

  • Quality

Quality and eco-awareness go hand-in-hand at KitchenHaus. Once we discuss your requirements, your cabinetry design is sent to our state-of-the-art factories in Germany. All edging, construction and assembly are done by the world’s most advanced machinery and technicians. You can rest assured your cabinetry is being manufactured to a standard only German engineering can deliver.

As an environmental precaution, any production waste and bi-products are collected and disposed of according to Germany’s stringent waste disposal standards.

Custom storage that is uniquely you

Wardrobes can have a completely cosmetic exterior with many added functional features. Modern wardrobes now are multifunctional with built in spaces for televisions, side tables and bed heads etc. You can also choose a decorative exterior which suits your style.

Give your home the space it needs. Contact KitchenHaus today and we’ll design and create custom-built storage solutions that will remove your clutter.