Simple and effective modern kitchen designs

Most people agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home. We know this and have even included it in our name, which is why we are so committed to providing you with a quality kitchen renovation services. From small kitchen designs to a large modern layout, we’ll ensure our premium stamp of approval is evident during your kitchen renovation process. Contact us today and our design team will make sure to build you the kitchen of your dreams.

Your dream kitchen can become reality

You’ve browsed countless design magazines or got stuck in a ‘Pinterest hole’ for hours, finding kitchen inspiration and wondering how it will all work within your layout. The team at KitchenHaus will assist with your modern kitchen design.

Using top-quality kitchen cabinets and the very latest in design software and technology, we will design a show-stopping, value-adding, functional and beautiful kitchen that will be a proud centrepiece of your home for many years to come. Unlike many other companies in Perth, KitchenHaus employs its own team of talented cabinet makers rather than contract this aspect of the project out.

Elements of a modern kitchen

If you’ve decided to upgrade to a luxury-style kitchen, there are a few features, state-of-the-art appliances and stylish cabinetry that you need to include.

Why you need a kitchen makeover

The kitchen is an area that you spend most of your time in, especially if you love to cook or entertain. It stands to reason that you want to make this space as comfortable and functional as possible. If you’re still battling the idea of a renovation, answer the following:

  • Can I improve overall functionality in my kitchen?

You can improve functionality by extending spaces, adding better appliances, utilising state of the art storage solutions and tweaking the layouts and flow of your space.. Whatever you choose, the idea is to make things easier and more pleasant for you in the kitchen.

  • Is the look outdated?

If you’re spending hours staring at kitchens online, then chances are you’re not happy with the visual design of your kitchen. Fortunately, the team at KitchenHaus can assist with creating a kitchen layout that suits your style and requirements.

  • Do I have enough space?

From appliances to cooking utensils, these all eventually pile up over the years and the countertop space is running out. We install modern cabinetry solutions that will solve all your storage requirements.

Working with industry leaders

The staff at KitchenHaus are experienced to handle all renovation project needs. From large scale kitchen makeovers to a small pantry layout design, we make sure each client is satisfied with the result. By having our cabinet makers on staff, we’re able to ensure that your cabinetry is fitted precisely and efficiently, by experienced tradespeople. We are also able to ensure that should any issues arise, we have staff available to assist quickly and efficiently.

Contact us today and find out how we can help create your dream kitchen.