Working with industry leading design technology, our talented and experienced designers are able to work within your project requirements and aspirations, to create a beautiful, functional and affordable design for your dream space, whether is be a classic or modern house interior design.

Our design software enables you to have a virtual tour of your design. It also enables us to produce detailed and specific plans for our installers and other associated trades to work from, to ensure your project is planned and completed precisely.

Our designers are expert at working within your project parameters. We ascertain from the start of a project what your priorities are, and ensure that your design is customised to suit these requirements, within your space.



After your project is designed, your cabinetry is sent to our state of the art factories in Germany.

The assembly process involves your home’s plans being entered into our factory’s cutting edge computer system, which organises every aspect of the production with pin-point accuracy.

Like an automotive assembly line, each panel of your cabinetry is cut according to plan and moves down a large network where it is assembled at different stages. All hardware and any lighting and other features chosen are fully integrated during this process, to ensure a seamless finish.

All edging, construction and assembly are done by the worlds most advanced machinery and technicians. You can rest assured your cabinetry is being manufactured to a standard only German engineering can deliver.                                  

As an environmental precaution, any production waste and bi-products are collected and disposed of according to Germany’s stringent waste disposal standards.

Your cabinetry is then shipped across from Germany, ready to be installed in your home by our talented and experienced cabinet makers and installers.

This process takes 12 weeks from order to install.


Where clients have tighter timelines for their project, we also have access to a full range of local products, including Laminex and Polytec ranges, and Blum hardware finishes available in Australia.

We also have a talented team working in one of the largest workshops in Perth, who are able to produce your cabinetry to a high standard, within tighter time constraints.

While our local options limit some of the finishes and technologies available through our German manufacturing process, they can be a perfect solution for a project that has strict and limited timelines.

Our local products can be produced and installed in as little as 2 weeks.


Project Management

Whether you’re undertaking a renovation or new build fitout, often the most daunting aspects are ‘how?’ or ‘where to start?’.

With over 10 years’ experience in the building and renovation industry, and an extensive network of skilled and trusted staff and sub-contractors, the team at KitchenHaus are here to take the stress out of this process for you.

We are able to plan, provide and organise every aspect of our project for you, from appliances, to associated trades. We also provide each client with a specific project timeline, outlining the ‘who’s’, ‘how’s’ and ‘when’s’ of each stage of your project, to ensure your job runs smoothly and efficiently.



Unlike many other companies in Perth, KitchenHaus has a team of cabinet makers on staff. Rather than contract this aspect of our projects out, we prefer the control (both quality and time) that having talented and experienced cabinet makers on staff affords us.

By having our cabinet makers on staff, we’re able to ensure that your cabinetry is fitted precisely and efficiently, by experienced trades’ people. We are also able to ensure that should any issues arise, we have staff available to assist with service calls etc., quickly and efficiently.